The Traveling School

Empowering young women to spark change in the world.

The Traveling School offers teenage girls ages 15-18 the opportunity to explore the world and learn about themselves through academic, physical, and cultural challenges. Sixteen motivated young women and four inspiring teachers travel to a unique region of the globe. Students earn full credit, immerse in new cultures, develop outdoor skills, and build confidence during this transformational semester.

Why We Go 

The Traveling School builds female leaders with powerful voices and widened perspectives that are inspired to learn, able to adapt and take risks and engage with the world. Our students, from across the globe, share a common desire to redefine high school, engage in a global community and make positive change.

Where We Go

Fall semesters explore southern Africa (Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa). Custom-designed regional academics focus on the impact of Apartheid on modern South Africa, wildlife biology, the implications of mining and contemporary issues of the region. Spring semesters discover South America (Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia). Students immerse in Spanish language study throughout the semester, building conversational skills and confidence. Rigorous regional academics follow the course itinerary with intensive focus on the Amazon rain forest, Machu Picchu and the Inca civilization, and contemporary politics. Learn about our semesters here.


At The Traveling School, the classroom is all around us. Learning comes to life through the places we visit, from the people we meet, and especially from the stories they tell us. Traveling School curriculum is designed around the locations we visit. Customized curriculum and textbooks support academic activities and cultural interaction. Students take six semester credits choosing from: Global Studies, PE & Independent Life Skills, History, English, Natural Science, Math, and Spanish (Spring Semester Only). Learn about our academics here.

Cultural Immersion

Students spend 15 weeks immersed in the cultures of southern Africa or South America. Students will practice language skills in local markets, interact with community members, initiate community service projects and will participate in a weeklong homestay.

Outdoor Adventure & Leadership Skills

Outdoor skills development enables girls to gain self-confidence, strength, and expertise with various outdoor activities in a supportive environment. Students will experience camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, white water rafting and more. Leadership curriculum is a key component of building confidence and communication skills.

What Our Students and Families Say

“TTS will open worlds that you never even thought existed, and will teach you about not only how many galaxies there are outside of you but also how many there are inside of you.” -TTS alumna
"The Traveling School taught me to approach unfamiliar situations with a patient and open heart.  The traveling School showed me how to make meaningful connections with people who are different from me. The Traveling School helped me refine my attitude and perspective in daily life. These are the skills that I have found truly make a difference."- TTS alumna
"Where do I start? Empowering young women to trust in themselves, to see who they truly are and what they can strive to be.By stretching them to their limits it pushes them past their boundaries. Allowing them to be them, so they can discover that its ok to be an individual and to see how life is and to go for it!" -TTS parent
“We truly believe one of the most important gifts we can give our children is a sense that they belong to a larger world; that they’re global citizens. Teenagers in particular need to feel that there is a vast world out there to which they belong. The Traveling School sets the stage for helping young people see the possibilities beyond their own communities, states, and national borders. Never has there been a time when this is more important!” – TTS parent
School Facts

Semester Size


Student Teacher Ratio


Grade Levels

Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Focus / Specialty

All-girls, Global Leadership


South America & Southern Africa



Admission Deadlines

Fall Semester Priority Deadline February 1; Spring Semester Priority Deadline February 1

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Think, create, explore, learn, grow.

For more information and to apply, please visit — The Traveling School Web Site.

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