The School for Ethics and Global Leadership

The School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL) is a semester-long residential program that focuses on ethical thinking skills, leadership development, and international affairs. Our mission is to provide intellectually motivated high school juniors who represent the diversity of the United States with the best possible opportunity to shape themselves into ethical leaders who create positive change in our world.

America needs a new kind of leader.

It needs leaders who are literate in the critical challenges facing our world. It needs leaders who can navigate with integrity the ambiguities of modern business, law, medicine, domestic politics, and international relations. It needs thoughtful activists, passionate social entrepreneurs, and relentless humanitarians.

If we show a talented, motivated cohort of young Americans how to be this kind of leader, that group will create currents of hopeful, infectious, and powerful change throughout the world.

The best time for this sort of intervention is the junior year of high school: the critical moment when young people are gaining the ability to think seriously about complex ideas. When we catch promising students at this moment and challenge them with new information, new questions, and new possibilities, we help inspire them to change the world.

The School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL) is a semester-long residential program for motivated high school juniors from across the United States. We select students who have shown outstanding character, promise for leadership, and scholastic ability; our students also reflect the racial, socioeconomic, and geographic diversity of the United States.

SEGL provides our students with a unique curriculum emphasizing ethical thinking skills, leadership development, and international affairs. Our location in Washington, DC and our affiliations with noted institutions and individuals ensure our students have access to the best our nation’s capital has to offer.
Our students graduate ready to create positive change in our world. They return home equipped with a greater understanding of themselves, an academic experience that will inform their college study, new leadership capabilities, and amazing lifelong friends.

Program Highlights

Highlights of the program include:

  • An innovative case study-based Ethics & Leadership course for all students
  • Outstanding faculty and guest speakers who are leaders in their fields
  • A nonpartisan institutional approach
  • Curricular partnerships with leading universities and NGOs
  • A Dupont Circle academic building steps from embassies and think tanks (SEGL in DC)
  • A Capitol Hill residence steps from the Supreme Court and Capitol (SEGL in DC)
  • A campus in Johannesburg, South Africa that is in partnership with the African Leadership Academy (SEGL at ALA)
  • A personal ethical credo that reflects substantive growth in ethical reasoning
  • A collaborative, student-written, published policy document
  • A social entrepreneurial business plan crafted by each student by graduation
  • Reunion conferences to help students look toward future challenges

Want to change the world? Let’s get started.

School Facts

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Focus / Specialty

Ethics, Leadership, International Affairs


Washington, DC or Johannesburg, South Africa



Admission Deadlines

February 15


Accepting Applications for Fall 2022
Accepting Applications for Spring 2023

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