Conserve School

A semester-long immersion in environmental studies and outdoor activities.

Each semester Conserve School brings together sixty tenth and eleventh grade students who share a strong attachment to the natural world and who are motivated to conserve it. This semester-long immersion in environmental studies and outdoor activities deepens their love of nature, reinforces their commitment to conservation, and equips them to take meaningful action as environmental stewards.

The program interweaves college-preparatory academics with:

  • the study of environmental history, nature literature, and the science conservation,
  • environmental service work,
  • exploration of careers related to conservation,
  • training in teamwork and leadership, and
  • engagement with the outdoors.


Conserve School’s Lowenwood campus provides an ideal setting for inspiring environmental stewardship with its 1200 wilderness acres, four private lakes, and two-mile shared border with the Sylvania Wilderness Area and Ottawa National Forest. Students develop a strong sense of place as they experience the surrounding wilderness via foot, ski, bike, canoe and snowshoe.

Conserve School students become part of a community that heightens their sense of identity and self-worth and imparts the confidence they need to go forward and make a difference, not only as stewards of the environment, but also as stewards of their own destinies.

Check out Conserve School to discover for yourself how…

one semester can make a world of difference.

School Facts

Semester Size


Student Teacher Ratio


Grade Levels

Sophomore, Junior

Focus / Specialty

Environmental stewardship


Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin



Admission Deadlines

Priority Date in mid-February

Contact Information

Think, create, explore, learn, grow.

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