Alzar School

Empowering experiences in extraordinary environments

Empowering experiences in the mountains of Idaho and Patagonia, Chile prime students for a lifetime of leadership.

The Alzar School offers an intersection of rigorous academics, cultural exchange, and outdoor adventure. Students learn to lead, catalyzing their own lives and impacting the world around them.

Rigorous Academics

The Alzar School challenges students through a demanding curriculum, including Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses, designed to nurture minds, broaden their perspectives and deepen an understanding of the world. During the Alzar School’s semester program, students tackle all of their traditional classes from their sending schools.

Cultural Exchange

By traveling internationally, the Alzar School offers a unique opportunity to experience cultural immersion in a socially and ecologically rich country. Students study abroad for 5-6 weeks of the semester in the Lake District and Patagonia. Chile is known for its cultural warmth, breathtaking geography, and rich history. Our student body is made up of students from all over the world–and includes Chilean students that live, explore and study with each cohort, providing a true two-way exchange.

Outdoor Adventure

Our US campus is located on the North Fork of the Payette River, just over two miles downstream of the world-class Kelly’s Whitewater Park and seven miles upstream of the Class II-III whitewater Cabarton section. Campus is within an hour of two ski resorts and endless hiking trails. While in Chile, students kayak crystal blue water and explore the Andes. Over the course of the semester, students learn to backpack, kayak, raft, ski/snowboard, and more. No prior experience is required.

Alzar School Testimonials

“[The Alzar School was] the best semester of my life: learning from/being inspired by my peers and mentors all while spending my days on beautiful rivers and mountains. I’ve learned what it means to be a leader, be a follower, be independent, be aware of my surroundings and manage risk, amongst many other thing. I find myself being grateful everyday to have been part of such a community”
– Charlotte, Alzar School, Fall 2012

“In attending Alzar School, I expected to change and grow generally. However, the broadening experience of a semester away significantly helped me focus my intentions and energy back home. I began to live not only the length and width of my life, but also the depth.”
– Isaac, Alzar School, Fall 2013

“I found what I was looking for this semester, and more. I found movement and an outlet for my pent up curiosity. [The Alzar School] has given me the ability to transfer material I learned in the classroom to the real world.”
– Skye, Alzar School, Spring 2015

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Grade Levels

Sophomore, Junior

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International, Outdoors, Leadership


Chile & Idaho



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February 13

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Think, create, explore, learn, grow.

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