Coastal Studies for Girls

Coastal Studies for Girls – a science and leadership semester school for 10th grade girls

“I have never had such a large collective of individuals teach their subjects with so much joy.”  Student, Spring Semester 2014

What will you discover?

At CSG, you’ll discover that science means getting your hands muddy and your feet wet; that biodiversity abounds among the rockweed and spiral wrack of the intertidal; that micro-plastic pollution as well invasive green crabs pose a threat to the coastal ecosystem. You’ll learn how Rachel Carson sparked the modern environmental movement by quietly contemplating ecology then writing fervently to confront the economic powers and societal attitudes of the time. You’ll visit the same tide pools that inspired her. You’ll learn that girls from diverse backgrounds support and inspire each other as they expand their boundaries of knowledge; that authentic observation leads not only to scientific research, but to understanding historical assumptions and challenging personal perspectives; that leadership is cultivated and celebrated in classrooms and in conversations, along wilderness trails and during research presentations. At CSG, you’ll discover that joyful learning and life-long friendships happen in a little yellow farmhouse in Freeport, Maine.

"Seven out of the 9 acceptance letters my daughter received from college admissions offices noted Coastal Studies for Girls by name as the reason her application stood out." Parent of Student, Spring Semester 2011

Honors level Integrated place-based curriculum

  • CSG is located on a 600 acre ocean-front land preserve on the beautiful rugged coast of Maine
  • 10th grade students return home from a semester away with time to apply new skills and engage with their sending school community for two more years of high school
  • All girls’ education is proven to give an academic edge. CSG is an active member of the National Coalition of Girls Schools
  • The CSG leadership course teaches students to recognize the power of their own voices and to practice responsible, effective communication
  • CSG students deliver public presentations of their original marine science research projects
  • Residential student life includes intentional wellness, fitness and locally sourced, home prepared meals
  • CSG faculty have advanced degrees in their fields
  • The weekly guest lecture series brings in top scientists and regional leaders to share their research
  • CSG alumnae attend the most prestigious colleges in the country

"You can always tell when a girl in your class has been at CSG. There is something solid in the center that wasn't there before."  Science Teacher, Saint Ann’s School, NYC

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Science, Leadership


Freeport, Maine



Admission Deadlines

Rolling, Priority February 15th

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Think, create, explore, learn, grow.

For more information and to apply, please visit — Coastal Studies for Girls Web Site.

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