The Semester Schools Network is a group of schools offering semester-long educational opportunities for high school students. Students leave their sending schools for one semester to attend our schools; they return with one full semester of academic credit, as well as a wealth of knowledge and new experiences to bring back to their sending schools. Our programs deliver powerful outcomes for students—from challenging them academically, to expanding their views of the world, to helping them understand themselves as learners, to teaching them the value of participation in a small community. We have enrolled students from hundreds of high schools all over the United States and the world. We believe that a semester away can be an outstanding complement to the college preparatory education offered by independent and public high schools.


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The strength of The Traveling School is its emphasis or relevance and critical thinking. It was important to me to see what was happening in southern Africa not only as an event in southern Africa, but as an idea that can be broadened and molded into something different.

The Traveling School, Fall 2014


I can say with all my heart that Oxbow has truly changed my life. In just one semester I saw a development in myself that I never thought could be possible. The creative and supportive atmosphere that they have created here is something that I know I will never find again because it is so unique. The school aspect of it was so much more enjoyable and exciting then traditional schooling is. Oxbow bridges the subjects and makes connections between all aspects of life. I made connections and built relationships that will last a lifetime. If you have this opportunity take it!

Logan Larsen
The Oxbow School, Fall 2014


At the Alzar School I was hoping to expand my perspective, to better understand myself, to learn and grow, and I have gotten even more from this experience than I ever dreamed of. [It has been] the most challenging and rewarding experience and has impacted me for the best.

Alzar School, Fall 2013


Island School remains as the singular defining adventure of my life, it has made me, me.

Griffin Hunt
The Island School, Fall 2011


TTS will open worlds that you never even thought existed, and will teach you about not only how many galaxies there are outside of you but also how many there are inside of you.

The Traveling School, Fall 2014


The results were profound. Since returning, we have witnessed…[our daughter’s] ability to engage in meaningful and mature conversation. The confidence and self-reliance she gained at the Alzar School have manifested themselves as she takes on significant leadership positions in her senior year of high school.

Alzar School, Spring 2014


Our daughter's attendance at Oxbow will have positive effects on her life and her choices for many years to come. She gained confidence, true academic interest, increased artistic skill as well as learned how to handle all different types of personalities in her four months at Oxbow. She did not return home a different person but rather a more mature and better version of herself. Any school that causes a teenager to be more who she is rather than who she thinks she should be deserves five stars.

Stacey and Robert Trisch
The Oxbow School, Fall 2013


The Island School is where the improbable becomes possible and the extraordinary becomes extraordinary.

Robbie Balloch
The Island School, Spring 2012